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Explore our collection of homemade recipes. Our’s is a collection of homemade recipes as well as our own spin on some of our favorites.
  • We had a “pie in the sky” idea for how to welcome our new neighbors to town. We’ve always loved the tradition of heading over with with a homemade pie,…

  • Swedish Rabarberkräm is a dessert that is delightfully in tune with Swedish midsummers. Fresh strawberries, crisp rhubarb, a little sugar and starch, and there’s really not much more to it. Whether you’re Swedish or…

  • Avocado and Key Lime Pie… don’t worry, we had the same concerns at first. Surprisingly enough we found that when you mix nuts, dates, a coconut, avocados, lime and a few other ingredients you can pull a fast one on your taste buds with this delicious Raw Avocado Key Lime Pie.